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If you're noticing the floor in a room sagging or titling, chances are you need subfloor repair. While that may sound alarming, don't be scared. The cost to repair, level and smooth a subfloor is about 50-70% cheaper than replacing one altogether. 

Most people don't realize they need repairs to their subfloor until the damage is done. After all, it's not really visible. Once your finished floor material, such as wood, carpet or tile has been put down, why would you think about it?

However, the subfloor is probably one of the most important parts of the room. It literally is responsible for supporting everything on top of it, including you. Five Star Floors Leveling is experienced and been in the bay area a long time. We have repaired subfloors in commercial buildings, retail stores, gymnasiums & basements.

Better yet, we use a cement based self-leveling system in combination with state of the art technology. In fact, were able to apply our material at the thinnest levels, making this process extremely cost effective and efficient. Often times, we're able to fill cracks in concrete and level a subfloor, WITHOUT REMOVING THE EXISTING SUBFLOOR.

Our subfloor repair services are the best in Northern California. From San Francisco to Santa Clara County, we handle each project with highest workmanship and professionalism. Call (510) 303-0870 to discuss your project!



~ 5 Star floor repair services ~

When you choose to work with us, you're guaranteed to receive 5 STAR SERVICE! We can level, repair and smooth any subfloor in Contra Costa County & Santa Clara County.



Subfloor Repair Services Include:

  • Fast Onsite or Over the Phone Estimates
  • Detailed Repair Plan & Scheduling
  • Prompt, Professional & Knowledgable Team
  • One Application to Any Thickness
  • Leveling Floor to Exact Specifications
  • Ability to Feather Edges
  • Water Resistant Materials
  • Clean application with a High Compressive Strength
  • Walkable Surface After 24 hours

Types of Subfloors we've leveled, Smoothed & Flattened:

  • Cracked & Slanted Concrete Floors
  • Unfinished or Rough Concrete
  • Water Damaged Concrete
  • Sloping or Sagging Transition Areas
  • Old Wooden Floors

We'll fix your uneven subfloor!

Five Star Floors Leveling may remove a portion of the existing subfloor to provide the most accurate quote. We're experts at fixing uneven concrete subfloors and preparing the surface for hardwood floor installations!