We use a Graco ToughTek MP20 to repair, level, resurface & smooth any subfloor!


Here's what makes us special!

Five Star Floors Leveling uses the Graco ToughTek MP20 to repair subfloors. Our clients throughout Northern California benefit from this piece of equipment because of the cement based self-leveling product.

In other words, the product poured over subfloors simulates the leveling properties of water. This underlayment technique is special because we can repair floors without removing the existing subfloor.


Concrete floor preparation in Santa Clara County & Contra Costa County

Our technicians are experienced with concrete, wood and tile flooring materials. In fact, our sister company (Five Star Floors in Walnut Creek, California) is a leader in hardwood & laminate floor installations. They know exactly how a subfloor show appear before installing new materials.

Regardless of your subfloor surface, we can apply the cement based self-leveling compound over the existing floor material. This will level out any uneven subfloor and provide the right concrete floor preparation for hardwood flooring, vinyl, carpet or tile.

Additionally, the product is fast drying. So your new subfloor will be walkable after 24 hours. If you're in Northern California and have a problem installing new floor coverings because your subfloor is damaged, uneven or rough, contact us right away!


We're a phone call away!

Five Star Floors Leveling will level, repair and smooth out your concrete subfloor. We'll flatten the surface so you can install the flooring material of your choice!