Cracked Concrete Floor Repair & Leveling / Luxury Vinyl Plank & Carpet Installation

Bank Of America

Subfloor repair project completed in Fresno, California. We repaired and leveled the concrete floor with our cement based self-leveling product. Underlayment was then prepared for our sister company Five Star Floors to install luxury vinyl plank & carpet.


Subfloor Leveling / Hardwood Floor & Carpet Installation

Bank Of America

Here are a few snapshots from a recent project completed in Los Altos, California. We leveled the slanted subfloor of the commercial space, using our cement based self-leveling product. Once it was dry, we also installed hardwood floors & carpet to complete the interior look of the bank.


Subfloor Leveling Project


The concrete floors of this warehouse in Santa Clara County, California were cracked and uneven. Client needed a smooth surface so they could eventually polish the cement floors. Using the Graco MP20 the subfloor was leveled and smoothed.